While Brexit Traders Panic, CoolTrade Profits

During the market crash after the BREXIT announcement, the CoolTrade robo traders all over the world did exactly what they were designed to do –LOAD UP at the bottom.

During the market recovery this week, the traders again did what they were designed to do, take as much profits as they could get from a stock trade.

While the rest of the world was panic-selling, the CoolTrade robo traders were:

•Automatically managing portfolios to reserve funds for bottom buying,

•Finding the most active stocks,

•Buying low, riding the stocks up, and taking profits.

With CoolTrades new default ACTIVE STRATEGIES and MOST-ACTIVE-STOCKS indicators, buying and selling activity increased in the wake of the volatility.

In one word, it was SWEET!

Click Here to see a sample live trade report since the BREXIT news.


Profitability is attainable with robotic trading technology and the right active strategies that will minimize your risk while maximizing your profits.

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