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The Next Evolution In Stock Trading - Stealth Mode - Profit Protection - $1 Stock Trades - Set It And Forget It - It's All About Taking Profits - Next Event Topic: How to robotically trade high cost stocks (like Facebook and Apple) with small accounts.

An Arsenal of Powerful Stock Trading Tools in One Complete Intelligent Robotic Trading System

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Buy and Hold Vs Robotic Profit Taking

In most cases, robotic-generated profits are greater than buy and hold results. Enter a stock symbol to see the comparison.

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The secret to the stock market is just keep taking profits.

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Stock Filtering

A powerful Stock Filtering program allows investors to filter through NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX for stocks meeting their trading criteria. Not only can stocks be filtered by price, exchange, and volume, but by hundreds of technical and fundamental indicators.

Strategy Wizard

A simple to use Point-and-Click Strategy Wizard provides hundreds of indicators for building trading rules. No technical or programming knowledge is required to create strategies. With other software, you need to learn a trading or software development language to effectively put together a script for use in your plans. Not so with CoolTrade. Here, you can remain a trader. If you wish to establish a candlestick method, you quickly can. Say you'd like to go into a strategy based around moving averages, that's cool, and very simple. Get complex with a rocket scientist theory or stay simple and focused on the prize; either event can be handled with no problem. Additionally, CoolTrade provides sample strategies to use as is, or as templates for creating your own. Downloadable strategies are also available free from other subscribers via the CoolTrade website.

Robotic Trader

The CoolTrade Robotic Automated Trader executes your strategies, 100% on its own. The software is capable of taking your logic, applying your rules, removing the emotions, and flawlessly executing your trades. You can automate your strategies and watch as the computer and software combine to become your trading surrogate. We're talking strategies based on momentum, pivot points, stochastic, Bollinger bands, channels, moving averages, company statistics, timings - you name it. With CoolTrade's StealthMode™ capability you don't have to show the market your trading intentions, but sweep in under the radar and fill your trades at the prices you want. Also, CoolTrade's Profit Protection and Maximization technologies monitor the market, from open to close, protecting your investments and taking profits all through the day.

RealTime Market Simulator

A Real-time Market Simulator is included for testing strategies. You may run your strategies in simulator mode during live market hours to see how they will perform under actual conditions. The simulation trading mode is one of the CoolTrade software's shining points, giving the ability to test trading logic on the fly and see the results almost instantly. No spilled milk and crying about it here. Test the theory, review the results, make the changes and get right back into the game.

Robotic Benefits

Fully Automated and Robotic

The CoolTrade system is a fully robotic algorithmic trader -- no human intervention necessary! Unlike humans, CoolTrade is raw computing power that doesn't become fatigued, confused, or emotional. CoolTrade serves as your surrogate to monitor hundreds of stocks using the indicators and filters you select, and does it far faster and more reliably than humans can.

Trades Without Emotions

CoolTrade users have moved away from emotionally looking at the stock market like it's gambling and have come to realize that the stock market is simply numbers going up and down. Unless a company goes out of business, you can keep taking money indefinitely with proper money management. It doesn't matter whether the market is up or down - if the stock price goes up, the software takes profits, and if it goes down, the software uses money management to add more shares. CoolTrade is the only software in existence that trades the market for you in this way (not an exaggeration)!

Takes Profits

The software sees the stock market as prices going up and down and simply grabs profits as it sees them. Even though the CoolTrade software has profit targets, it is smart enough to TAKE WHAT THE MARKET WANTS TO GIVE and NOT try to tell the market how to behave. As our founder, Ed, puts it DON'T TELL THE BIRDS HOW TO PECK! Watch how the profits add up!

Protects Your Profit When the Market Crashes

Profit protection is designed to allow the stock to go higher while protecting against a “pull-back.” In other words, once the software sees profits, it locks onto it and allows it to go higher, but if it starts to go the wrong way, it locks in the profits. While this is a general description of this powerful feature, note that the software has built in more advanced, proprietary features designed to protect and maximize your profits.

Simulator Mode

Most traders would agree that they'd like to "test drive" a system before using it. Some programs allow this through "back-testing," in which the program uses historical data to execute the trades and show you what they would have been. Backtesting is not always accurate, as there is much data needed to perform a thorough back-test and it's nearly impossible to replicate all the circumstances with just the historical data. In addition, how the system performed in a market last month or last year does not indicate how it will perform in the here and now. The best automated trading software will let you practice stock trading using a live real-time data feed during market hours. This is the preferred method, as it gives traders a very realistic view of how their trading strategy is performing and the ability to feel the highs and lows of daily trading without investing real money. If you can simulate trades, you won't need to open an actual brokerage account until you go "live" with real money. One of the highlights of CoolTrade is its ability to simulate strategies in real time before you run them live. This feature is indispensable, as traders who value their money rarely run a strategy without testing it first.

Unparalleled Technology

CoolTrade is often imitated, but never equaled. Others can give you complex screens and throw a bunch of charts and graphs at you and expect you to OUTGUESS or PREDICT the stock market. CoolTrade flows WITH the stock market - you make money if it goes up, but you actually look forward to the market going down. It doesn’t care which way the market is moving - it knows how to benefit from both directions! There’s no other system that does that!

Stealth Mode

Get a leg up on institutional and high frequency traders. Have you've ever been "stopped out" or your specified trade price just could not be reached? CoolTrade gives you the power to trade in StealthMode. When the market can see your trade orders, it's like showing them your playing cards. With the CoolTrade Robotic Trader you sweep in under the radar, trading invisibly when you want and at the price you want, without competing with other traders and institutional computers.

Trading Fees as Low as $1.00 Per Trade

Maximize your profits per trade with the lowest trading fees. The online broker, AutoShares, offers $1 per trade (per 100 shares) for CoolTrade clients only.


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CoolTrade is coming to your neighborhood

CoolTrade is coming to your neighborhood

Join us for an informational overview of CoolTrade's revolutionary and game changing robotic trading platform. Presentation Topic: How to robotically trade high cost stocks (like Facebook and Apple) with small accounts. Then join us for an optional meetup and workshop with CoolTrade users. Presented by Ed Barsano, CEO. FREE EVENT ($5 Registration fee holds your spot and will be refunded at check-in) Agenda: 9:00am to 10:00am - Check in 10:00am to Noon - Seminar Presentation Noon to 1:00pm - Lunch 1:00pm to 3:00pm - CoolTrade Workshop (All are Welcome)

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AAII Events

  • 05/13/2017 09:00 AM
  • 3434 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary, NC 27518

AAII (American Association of Individual Investors), Guest Speaker Ed Barsano, CEO CoolTrade Inc., Ed will give an overview of the evolution of Robotic Stock Trading and its benefits. FREE EVENT

  • 05/20/2017 09:00 AM
  • 199 Seawall Dr, Berkeley, CA 94710

AAII (American Association of Individual Investors), Guest Speaker Ed Barsano, CEO CoolTrade Inc., Ed will give an overview of the evolution of Robotic Stock Trading and its benefits. FREE EVENT

  • 05/27/2017 11:00 AM
  • 18940 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Join us for an overview of CoolTrade's revolutionary and game changing robotic trading platform. Presented by Ed Barsano, CEO and software developer. FREE EVENT

  • 07/15/2017 09:00 AM
  • Portland, Oregon. Address TBD

AAII (American Association of Individual Investors), Guest Speaker Ed Barsano, CEO CoolTrade Inc., Ed will give an overview of the evolution of Robotic Stock Trading and its benefits. FREE EVENT

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I only have $5000 to trade. Can you use the Active Trades Strategies with that amount? Answer: Yes The CoolTrade robotic software has powerful money management/allocation features that monitor your account balances for you. Of course, the amount...

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